Photos from Tendeuchen Chapter Activities

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Service Project at the Darby Bend Lakes Metro Park

This year we spent three work evenings helping to clean up a large trash pile left over from a former owner of the land in the newly created Darby Bend Lakes portion of the Prairie Oaks Metro Park in Hilliard. There is a great deal of trash dumped over a number of years, including many glass jars, cans, tires, old fencing, auto parts, and other items. The trash covers in part an Indian mound located on the property. So far we have removed about three pick-up truck loads of trash from the site. We plan on continuing the project next summer, since there is still a lot of trash left.

Thanks to all the Arrowmen who came out on the three evenings to help with the project and help us attain Quality Chapter for 2006: Kyle (who organized it all), Trever, Spencer, Geoff, Dan, Gavin, Josh, Mr. Frye, Mr. Threloff, Mr. Albert, Mr. McGovern, and Mr. Wyckoff. These photos come from the second work night, and are courtesy of Troop 200.

serv001.jpg serv002.jpg serv003.jpg
serv004.jpg serv005.jpg serv006.jpg
serv007.jpg serv008.jpg serv009.jpg
serv010.jpg serv011.jpg serv012.jpg
serv013.jpg serv014.jpg serv015.jpg

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