Photos from Tendeuchen Chapter Activities


2008 Pumpkin Smash

The Pumpkin Smash has quickly grown to be one of our most popular events. Here are some photos from the Second Annual Pumpkin Smash in 2008.

-- Pumpkin Smash Photos --


Service Project at the Darby Bend Lakes Metro Park

Photos courtesy of Troop 200. Thanks to all the Arrowmen who came out on the three evenings to help with the project and help us attain Quality Chapter for 2006: Kyle (who organized it all), Trever, Spencer, Geoff, Dan, Gavin, Mr. Frye, Mr. Threloff, Mr. Albert, Mr. McGovern, and Mr. Wyckoff.

-- Service Project Photos --


Fellowship Night at SportsOhio

We held a fellowship night in July at SportsOhio with several members in attendance. Activities that night included putt-putt (I think Mr. Threloff could use a longer putter), go-carts and the batting cages. Everyone had lots of fun, but we wish more people had come out to join us. Check out the main page and chapter meetings for info on upcoming events.

-- SportsOhio Photos --

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