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Welcome to the Tendeuchen Chapter website. The Tendeuchen Chapter (pronounced ten-DOY-chen) is made up of all the Arrowmen who are registered in the Buckeye District, Simon Kenton Council.

Our activities include participation in Lodge functions, such as the Ordeal induction weekends, fellowships, and training, as well as special Chapter activities. We have performed a number of service projects in the past, especially at Camp Lazarus, and we have an active Native American dance team and Venture Crew who make appearances at Eagle Courts of Honor, Blue and Gold Banquets, and the Maple Sugar Festival. Every year we also have a Chapter Fellowship in March at Camp Lazarus as part of the Maple Sugar Festival.

The Tendeuchen Chapter normally meets in conjunction with Roundtable first Thursday of every month. Roundtable starts at 7pm and all are welcome, our chapter meeting will be 7:30-8:30 pm as a break-out session. We meet at the Northwest Christian Church, 1340 Fishinger Rd., 43221 in Upper Arlington. Exceptions are July and August which have no meetings. All members of the Order of the Arrow are welcome at these meetings.

Our Chapter operates a Native American dance team . Practice information is below when appropriate. Anyone interested in joining the dance team is welcome to attend. No experience or even talent necessary. Young women 14 to 20 are also invited to join.

Chapter News

Tendeuchen Chapter Meeting October 5

Our next Chapter meeting will be at the October 5th Roundtable. We will wrap up planning our fall fellowship and service project. Meetings have a game or craft and a snack. All OA members are encouraged to attend and Troop OA Representatives are expected. We start gathering for fellowship at the start of Roundtable at 7pm with our meeting starting at 7:30 PM. Our Chapter normally meets in conjunction with the Buckeye District Roundtable the first Thursday of every month (September through May) from 7:30-8:30 pm at the Northwest Christian Church, 1340 Fishinger Rd., 43221 in Upper Arlington.

Chapter Sevice Project and Fall Fellowship

We will be helping with the set up for Monster Mash at Camp Lazarus on October 7. Meet at the maintenance area at 10am. We will have a lunch of soup and hot dogs, please bring $5 to help with the cost of lunch. Our fellowship will consist of smashing pumpkins and then going to dinner at a restaurant south on US 23 - as yet to be determined. You can join us anytime during the day (or even just for the fellowship events) if we are not working in the maintenance area we will leave a note with directions on where to find us. Please let Mr. Post know you are coming so we can have enough lunch.

Dance Team Forming Drum/Singing Group

We are forming a group of Arrowmen to do the drumming/singing for our dance team. We will start practicing soon. Contact Ezekiel Atkinson to join.

Lodge News

Fall Fellowship October 20 - 22 at Chief Logan Scout Reservation

Chief Logan Reservation is under attack by a horde of evil monsters, and we need your help! A wave of ogres, trolls, and other foul beasts (no, we’re not talking about the camp staff) has invaded the defenseless valley of Chief Logan and is rampaging unchecked. We need YOU to help us fight them off! Slay dragons! Battle knights! Rescue damsels (or an unreasonable facsimile thereof) in distress! You will need a combination of swords, sorcery, and Scout skills to free this fair land from the marauders, along with a good supply of guts (the bravery kind of guts, not the zombie kind of guts). Polish your armor, sharpen your sword, practice your mystical incantations, and join us for a weekend of fantasy mayhem. The cost is $20 until Oct 16. Enjoy great food, great fellowship, and great fun. Be sure to stick around for our annual meeting to elect new lodge officers for 2018. See you there! Register for the Fall Fellowship

Health Form Required for OA Overnight Events

A medical form will now be required for everyone attending any OA event and staying overnight. This is so we will be in compliance with National BSA policy. Day visitors will not be required to have the form however all others will. Bring a COPY (not the original) of the form with you to the event as it might not be returned at the end of the event. BSA Medical Form Note: This form will need to be brought to each OA outing you attend.

2017 OA Dues

It is time to pay your 2017 OA dues! You can pay them at the Tecumseh Lodge website. Dues for 2017 are $15 if you paid dues in 2016 or $20 if you did not pay dues in 2016 (includes reinstatement fee).

Staying In Touch

We have a Facebook Group Page - Tendeuchen Chapter OA - (closed registration) for the Chapter. Request to join and someone will add you. Once membership in our Chapter is verified you will be provided access to the Facebook Group.

To keep up to date on all of our events and activities, please join our Google Group at http://groups.google.com/group/tendeuchen-chapter?hl=en.

Upcoming Events


October 5 – Chapter Meeting
October 5 – Chapter Sevice Project and Fall Fellowship at Camp Lazarus
Oct 20-22 – Fall Fellowship at Chief Logan Reservation
November 2 – Chapter Meeting
Nov 3-5 – Area Leadership Training Conference (ALTC) at Camp Lazarus

December 7 – Chapter Meeting


May 4-6 Thunderbase @ Ross County Fairgrounds
May 18-20 Ordeal/Conclave Setup
June 1-3 Section C4 Conclave Tecumseh Lodge is hosting
July 20-August 4 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) at Indiana University

Contact Information

Chapter Chief:
Will Bartram

Vice Chief of Administration:
Jordy Mason

Vice Chief of Service/Activities:
JJ Wayne

Vice Chief of Dance Team and Ceremonies:
Ezekiel Atkinson

Chapter Secretary
Ryan Rigden

Past Chapter Chief:
Brannon Machir

Chapter Advisor:
Paul Post
(614) 799-0086

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